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This is the Done-For-You Option of Web Traffic Mastery. It's recommended that you view the content in the order laid out below.

This DFY Option also assume that you have gone through the Fron tEnd Web Traffic Mastery Training.

If you haven't, it's recommended you do so that this section makes a lot more sense to you.

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Course Content

Follow these steps in linear order

Part 1 - Intro / How to

A brief introduction of how best to go through the DFY Option.

Part 2 - Case Study

Watch how my Student, Joseph utilized a single traffic source to make weekly sales.

Part 3 - Download Niche List

I have done the market research on some high-converting, low competition products

Extra Notes:

In short, Use the traffic methods from Web Traffic Mastery and apply them to the products in the recommended list

As mentioned in the video, if you need niche suggestions, feel free to email me at: chris@selfmadenewbie.com and I'll be happy to send you some suggestions on the niche you're looking to get involved with.


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