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This is the RESELLER version of Web Traffic Mastery. Please follow the instructions below with regards to how to get hold of all of the content. This Edition assumes you have access to the Web Traffic Mastery Front-End, which you must have in order to access this. 

Course Content

Follow these steps in linear order

Part 1 - Intro / How to

A brief introduction of how best to go through the Reseller Option.

Part 2 - Video Download Instructions

The best way to download video content from YouTube.

Part 3 - Recommended Course Creator

Click Get Started to check out the most cost-effective course creator currently on the market. (Don't pay hundreds for Kajabi etc.)

Extra Notes:

You have rights to use these videos in the manner that they are intended. That is, to create your own course that you can sell and retain 100% of the profits, without being flagged for Copyright infringement.

It's suggested that you follow the steps above. In short:

Step 1: Figure out how you want your course to look, considering sections and videos.

Step 2: Download the videos you need.

Step 3: Upload them to Memberz Connect or your own Course builder

Step 4: Market your course using Web Traffic Mastery methods

If you have questions, you can contact me at chris@selfmadenewbie.com

If you are visiting this page by accident or without purchasing Web Traffic Mastery Agency Edition, note that you may not sell, alter or further reproduce or distribute any part of this course/material to any other person. Failure to comply with the terms of this warning may expose you to legal action for copyright infringement.

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Steps To Download Videos

To get access to the Web Traffic Mastery videos it is suggested that you do the following:

1) Go through Web Traffic Mastery and decide which videos you want to use and download.

It's helpful if you have some idea of how you want to lay out the content on your own course, and then decide which videos you will need.

2) For each video that you need, click the YouTube Icon in the bottom right of the video while it is playing

This will open the video up on YouTube

3) While viewing the video on YouTube, click in the address bar and add pwn in front of the YouTube address

E.G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZEgDMAU8aU 



4) This will take you to a deturl.com page with your video displaying as seen below.

5) Click on SaveFrom (above). You'll be taken to SaveFrom to download the video. While there are many options to click, SaveFrom is the easiest and fastest.

6) Click Download to download the video.